Point Of No Return


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The NHL season’s no-going-back moment is here. Will the Dallas Stars fail all their open quests if they proceed?

Yes, we’re talking about the push for the playoffs, yet again. But this time, Robert Tiffin is back to join Wes Lawrence and Mark Zimmerman. If anyone can game this out, it’s them.

Please note that this cast was recorded before the NHL trade deadline. (And it’s KT’s fault that we haven’t posted it until now. It happens.) With that said...

  • How much has the team missed Miro Heiskanen?
  • Has the John Klingberg-Thomas Harley pairing almost, almost made up for it?
  • Are Joel Kiviranta and Marian Studenic as good together as you think they are?
  • What good will trade-deadline acquisitions be if the basic lineup doesn’t really change?
  • And what would you give for a dominant win against a real contending team?

Are you creating enough chances? Think about it. This is Stargazing, the podcast that is not weird about Aleš Hemský, mostly.

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