Pump the Brakes on Jameis Winston and the Saints + NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah


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On today's episode, Jason kicks things off with a quick thought on Jameis Winston's impressive performance on Monday Night Football against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In short, it was a big nothing-burger. If you want to buy stock in Jameis and the Saints after one half of preseason football against the Jags, you're bound to be disappointed. Later, former NFL scout and NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah swings by to discuss how Cam Newton's COVID protocol 'misunderstanding' could open the door for Mac Jones to start in week 1, how a quarterback change in New England might impact the Patriots locker room, why Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy's experience working under Andy Reid in Kansas City is probably the biggest reason why he's sticking with Andy Dalton over Justin Fields, why it was a no-brainer for the New York Jets to trade away Jamal Adams last season, why the Cleveland Browns compare favorably to the San Diego Chargers of the mid-2000s, what went wrong for Carson Wentz in Philadelphia, the Baltimore Ravens commitment to the 'run the ball and play defense' identity the past decade-plus, and much more!

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