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Record Breaking Home Pricing Highs
In our current pandemic environment, the price of homes are in an apparent skyrocketing trend, shattering pricing records across the United States. Especially in smaller cities, potential home buyers are running a greater than normal risk of losing the property on which they have their heart set.
Mega Landlords Are Acquiring All Of The Properties
Mega landlords have created an alliance with real estate tech firms enabling the purchase of homes even before the public has a chance to notice. Smaller landlords who have cash reserves are trying to perform similar property buying tasks, but are faced with massively stiff competition up against farther reaching connections and much deeper pockets.
AirBNB Loses $1 Billion
Are you holding any short term properties? Well, hold on to your portfolio hats because things may begin to shift a little as short term rental behemoth AirBNB reports the loss of 1 billion dollars creating real estate investor panic.
News Notes

Home Prices Shattering Records Across U.S. Following Pandemic
Mega Landlords Are Snapping Up Zillow Homes Before the Public Can See Them

Airbnb Loses $1 Billion: What Does It Mean for Short-Term Rentals?
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