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For this installment of Unlicensed Therapy, I welcome Jeremy Piven. Jeremy gives us a look behind the curtain of a thespian upbringing and shares his transition from actor to the stand-up stage. He lets us in on the worst bombing he’s experienced on stage along with the reveal of why he really dropped out of Speed-the-Plow.


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[00:00:00] Introduction to Jeremy Piven

[00:02:19] Discovering Jeremy

[00:08:37] Celebrity golf tournament

[00:10:40] Ignoring negative feedback

[00:15:04] Smart enough to know limitations

[00:18:11] Stand up with training wheels

[00:22:33] The Dojo

[00:24:42] Fire bulge

[00:26:24] What do you say when someone doesn’t know who you are?

[00:30:00] Worst bombing

[00:32:07] Stand up keeping you grounded

[00:36:00] Jew pack

[00:37:01] Chad’s listener question: What was your experience with Judgment Night?

[00:39:31] Starstruck by Bill Burr

[00:41:16] The Tyson Ranch

[00:45:21] Could Entourage be made today?

[00:49:09] Dropping out of Speed-the-Plow

[00:54:57] New podcast

[01:00:00] Actively producing

[01:02:53] Issues in Jeremy’s life

[01:04:28] Crushes on Entourage

[01:08:10] Listener question: Dating a Canadian

[01:09:01] Listener question: My coursing is convinced that it is a reptilian

[01:09:42] Listener question: Why has Jeremy never been married?

[01:11:45] Listener question: What was it like preparing your role in the spy kids movie?

[01:15:39] Biggest career failure

[01:21:32] Connect with Jeremy

Check out Jeremy's Podcast "How U Livin J. Piven -

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