When you Master Your Mind, You Master Your World with Rodney Josephson


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Are you seeking a knowledge that you don’t quite know exists? Are you certain that you really know what you’re saying and what you’re doing? Do you want to practice using etymology and NLP in order to understand language in its finest form? Listen to this episode and be guided to a wonderful treat!

Mastering your mind is not an easy task, but you should remember that it gives results to you, mastering your world, once done successfully. Learn how language and programming affects you in this episode.

Rodney Josephson is from a different place and time! He woke up travelling, living, working and experiencing life as it comes. He has been working to help people master themselves in order to master their world.

In this episode, Rodney shares insights about the concept of programming in language or linguistic terms. Here, he talks about how programming plays a huge role on your progress towards mastering your world and also shares how NLP and etymological dictionaries will help you along the way.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Learn what NLP is and how NPL and etymological dictionaries help you master your mind and the world
  • Know the importance of knowing what you’re actually saying and doing
  • Discover how you can master your world once you’ve fully and successfully mastered your mind

“Programming is programming. Either you're being programmed or you get to program yourself.”

Rodney Josephson

Topics Covered:

01:57 – Rodney talks about his ideal clients.

03:16 – Problem Rodney solves for his clients: Knowing how to use various tools or methods to seek the hidden truth of what is or how things function.

04:07 – The typical symptoms; Why people not knowing what they’re saying and doing is continuously happening.

05:05 – The mistakes; Not being able to understand why a program is happening, not being able to grab it, and failing to do anything with it.

05:56 – Rodney’s valuable free action: “You have to learn to breathe. Deep breathing.”

06:48 – Rodney’s valuable free resource: Use etymological dictionaries and seek things based on NLP methods.

07:37 – Concept alert: Read things about NLP so you can learn how language functions, then later on start to write.

08:34 – Question that would give great value: When you master your mind, you can master your world. The question is, can anyone master their mind?

Key Takeaways:

“Through the process of learning NLP, you can get a better picture of the world and how it functions based on language or linguistics.” – Rodney Josephson

“To be able to grasp a new idea or a new method or process, the person or the people have to have a different perspective; and the only way to do that is that they have to use various tools or methods to seek the hidden truth of what is or how things function.” – Rodney Josephson

“Due to the fact that language, especially English, is one of the most mixed languages in the world with hundreds of contributing languages, most people don't even know what they are saying.” – Rodney Josephson

“We've been raised getting programmed in society and these programs run without us even knowing it. If you're not able to understand why that's happening and be able to grab it and do something with it, you're gonna keep repeating the same issue.” – Rodney Josephson

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