Christian Empty Nest Moms: Find your purpose, rediscover your identity and grow more joy with God at the center.


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Are you uncertain about what’s next for you as an empty nest mom? Did you pour so much of yourself into being a mom that now you’re unsure of who you are, or what your purpose is? Would you love to deepen your relationship with Jesus and improve your relationship with your young adult? Are you ready to stop feeling like the best part of your life is over? . In this podcast, you’ll find Biblical guidance, inspiring stories and tactical tools to navigate the empty nest with clarity and joy. It’s my mission to help you discover your soulprint purpose and embrace your God-led identity. . If you’re ready to say YES to partnering with Jesus to get clear on your purpose, reconnect with your identity and live with greater joy, you are in the right place. . I’m Jenny Good, Jesus follower, empty nest mom of 3, Certified Coach and lover of tiny houses and hot tea. . As I neared the empty nest season, I felt the anxiety growing. I dreaded the day that my youngest would fly the nest. As a single mom, the silence was loud, and I was left unsure of who I was or what my purpose would be after my children started lives of their own. . But what the enemy meant to destroy me, God turned to my favor. Yes and amen! . I got deeper in my walk with Jesus, and I did the work to figure out who I am now, and what I want to create. I got clear on my purpose and calling, and I stepped into my updated role as a mom, with God leading the way. . I believe you have a soulprint, like a fingerprint that God gave only to you. It’s your purpose… the way you’re meant to show up in the world. And your soulprint did not disappear because you became an empty nest mom. Your calling may have shifted, but you still have a mission. Someone in the world needs what you will bring when you show up in your God-given purpose. . Get ready for Biblical support, clarity, inspiration and actionable tools. Reheat your tea and pop in your AirPods. It’s time for The Joyful Empty Nest. Let’s do this! . Join the free Facebook community at: . Grab your free Soulprint Mornings printable (also fillable on your laptop) journal at: . Schedule your FREE consultation call to see if empty nest coaching with me is right for you: . Write me a note at:

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