#194 Local Box: The Start-Up Bringing NI Food To Your Doorstep


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Ever since she was little, Lydia Hodgins has dreamed of working with food (even though the teachers wanted her to study Latin instead). During the lockdown, this dream became a reality when she and her partner Justin launched Local Box — a digital ‘corner shop’ that delivers high-quality NI food to your door. In this episode we caught up with Lydia to hear why more people are shopping local, what it was like doing thousands of deliveries during lockdown and how local food can change the world. Check it out. // This interview is part of our Tough Times, Tougher City mini-series presented in partnership with Belfast City Council featuring five businesses who have started, scaled or pivoted during the pandemic. To find out more about how the Council can help you and your business, please click here. // Webpage for this episode: https://bestofbelfast.org/stories/local-box-ni-food

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