521: Leukemia & Bankruptcy to Retired with 250 Units in 7 Years


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People often tell each other to stay positive” in light of grim circumstances or hard times. This consistent positivity can feel forced when going through something truly terrifying, but it’s exactly what helped Jeffrey Holst fight cancer, get out of bankruptcy, and retire in only seven years. Once Jeffrey committed to having no bad days, he was able to either change his day that was going poorly or see the positive in everything around him.

This philosophy helped him spur on new relationships, find new partners, and close on deals creatively. It was never “we can’t close on this” for Jeffrey, it was “how can we close on this.” He uses what he likes to call the “sideways eight” strategy that allows him to have infinite returns when investing, all while giving his partners and private lenders a sizable profit.

Jeffrey also talks about seeing the positive attributes of negative situations, and how he was able to leave his job as a lawyer and hit financial freedom due to his cancer diagnosis and later bankruptcy. If Jeffrey was able to dominate the multifamily market with an underwater net worth, think of what YOU can accomplish in the world of real estate investing!

In This Episode We Cover:

Buying properties without credit, money, or experience

Creative financing strategies that allow you take tackle bigger and better deals

Fighting cancer and using hard times to fuel your success

Managing a portfolio of two-hundred and fifty units

The “last life philosophy” and how it gives you a clear path to victory

Syndicating on a small scale to close multi-million dollar deals

Analyzing your market as a "boots on the ground" investor

And So Much More!

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