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Mark Matthews has been at the forefront of the news in the endurance-sports world recently as the team manager for his wife Katrina at the ‘Sub 8’ Project where she completed the Ironman Triathlon distance in 7:31:54!! Mark and I discussed his role and the tactics involved in this event at some length, but before we do so we talk about Mark’s own sporting background and achievements which are certainly wide-ranging and considerable! From junior triathlons to winning fun runs and then going into cross-country skiing and biathlon before returning to triathlon and winning the overall age-group title at Ironman Barcelona on his debut at the distance. Mark is a great fan of Cambridge and also has the honour of having won the Cambridge Punting Race!! You can follow Mark on Instagram at If you like the podcast please share it and rate and review it on Spotify or ITunes. Follow us on Instagram @camendurancesportspodcast and like our Facebook Page While you’re there you can also follow BB Triathlon Coaching

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