198: When Your Voice Isn’t Heard, Dealing with Toxic Leadership, and Stepping Out Without a Plan with Rachael Groll


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Have you ever felt like your voice is not heard at the leadership table, specifically in ministry settings? Do you ever question whether you are in a healthy situation or whether perhaps there are some issues that need to be addressed?

If you’ve ever felt that way, or if you simply want to hear a powerful conversation about listening to God’s voice, radical obedience, and speaking up for yourself as a female leader, you are in for a treat.

In this episode, Holly and I are talking with Rachael Groll. You’ll hear all about Rachael’s leadership journey and the moment she felt God asking her to give up her full-time business without any clear plan for what would come after.

In addition, we dive into the challenge that many women can relate to in leadership: insecurity and feeling as though their voice is not heard. Rachael shares how she has personally experienced this and how she’s heard from women all over the world who have also dealt with this.

Rachael dives into how she chose to respond to this issue and what God has taught her since. Plus, we discuss how to identify if you’re in a healthy leadership situation (or not), as well as how to hear God’s voice (it’s not as mysterious as you might think).

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Connect with Rachael Groll:

Rachael Groll is a pastor, missionary, and author. Her latest book, She Hears: Learning to Listen to Jesus helps women learn how to hear from Jesus by taking a look at 6 women from the gospel of John.

Rachael has a top 30 ranked podcast for Christians, the Hearing Jesus Podcast, where she helps women learn how to hear the Lord more clearly in their lives.


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Instagram: @she_hears

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