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This is the second half of the podcast with the brilliant IDEO team. In the first part, Dennis Boyle and Talya Brettler walked us through the design sprint process. If you missed the first session, you might want to go back and listen to it first.

In this episode, Shawna joins Dennis and Talya in the discussion. They talk about the impact of COVID-19 on innovations. Dennis shares a staggering number of successful online solutions, from the simple DIY mask to the complicated telehealth directory.

The Covid19 pandemic is pushing people to fill various needs. There's an excellent deal of remarkable response by innovators. Inventiveness and ingenuity came out of difficulty. It reminds me of the proverb, 'Necessity is the mother of invention.'

IDEO's design sprint goes beyond just creating a solution. It is creating a solution that is human-centered and empathy-driven. It considers the human experience and therefore creates products that will add value to human health.

Tune in and listen to the stimulating discussion among three exceptional conversationalists!

Today's Guests:

Dennis Boyle

Dennis Boyle is a Partner and a founding member of IDEO. He leads the Health and Wellness practice, which works with clients in the medical and consumer health-care industries to develop innovative products and strategies for promoting healthful living and behavior change.

Dennis is also a consulting assistant professor or the Design Division of Stanford University's Mechanical Engineering School. He also teaches "Design for Better Health" at the d.school, which draws students from each of the university's graduate schools.

Dennis completed Mechanical Engineering Degree with an emphasis on Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame. He is married to Peggy Burke, founder of 1185 Design, and has two sons.

Talya Brettler

Talya Brettler is the Medical Director at IDEO. She is always on the search for impactful and scalable opportunities. Before IDEO, she was a Pool Pediatrician and Pediatric Resident at Kaiser Permanente. Talya loves learning! She completed her undergrad at Harvard University and her fellowship at The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She also has a Master's Degree in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley.

Key Takeaways:

● A well-balanced innovation answers what people need, what businesses need, and what technical factors need.

● Innovate, innovate, innovate. Get your product out in the world where it can have an impact.

● Take advantage of the available resources online.





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