How to stay dream job ready in the fitness industry with Tahnee Donkin (National Personal Training Manager, Fitness First Australia) | EP30


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Dream Job Ready Episode 30: Tahnee Donkin (National Personal Training Manager, Fitness First Australia).

Covid-19 has rocked the fitness industry and unfortunately closed gyms and put many people out of work... It's also changed how people work and professionals like Tahnee have had to help steer their organisations, teams and clients through dramatic change in a super short time. This included leaning into digital harder than ever before, which in my opinion will only be a good thing for the industry at large moving forward.

I really enjoyed this episode with Tahnee, who shares some great advice about working life in the fitness industry, making career progressive moves, overcoming gender hurdles, taking on risks, learning and taking on challenges head first. It's always refreshing to chat with some who's driven and takes ownership of their own development. Plenty to learn from her experiences!

She also praises her dedication to extracurricular studies and course work throughout her career, positioning her equally or above others in the industry with uni degrees.

Fitness First is a huge organisation and Tahnee helps train and develop a wide variety of professionals across the business. She explains her career trajectory wasn't exactly planned, but you'll get a feel for her passion and dedication at work from the moment the episode starts.

Tahnee talks to a few key growth moments during the episode, and acknowledges Dale Carnegie’s famed book, How to Win Friends & Influence People, as a key influencer in her career development. Haven't heard of it? We both highly recommend the read (or listen), so grab it on Amazon here:

Or get the rebooted version, How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age on Amazon: (Audiobook, Hard Cover, Paperback, Kindle all available).

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