Part 6 of 6 in Mastering the Sales Process & Learning how to Sell with Noah Cohen | EP39


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Dream Job Ready Episode 39: Noah Cohen (Professional Sales Coach, Cohen Sales Academy).

Part 6 of 6 in our 'Mastering the Sales Process & Learning how to Sell with Noah Cohen' mini series.

Topic for this episode: Noah rounds off his training by taking host Dane Sharp through 'Presentation & Closing', 'Post Sell' and 'Asking for Referrals'.

Hello and thanks for joining me on Dream Job Ready. I'm your host, Dane Sharp, and I'm excited to bring you the finale of a special 6-part mini-series with professional sales coach, Noah Cohen, where we dive into and break down the sales process.

We've received some amazing feedback about the previous 5 episodes with Noah, so if you're just discovering this show or missed episodes 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38, please go back and give them a listen.

Noah has turned his sales training into a condensed and generalised take for our listening benefit. He's also provided some scripts, tip and communication templates here:

Topic: Presentation & Close.

Tip for Episode: At any point before this stage, if you can not proceed further, you are not to pitch or present. You must address their enquiry or concern and solve it before moving forward to the next step.

"[Name], Earlier you told me X was important to you. You also say the steps you've taken to fix it and the impact it has had on you. Have I missed something?

(If positive) share how your solution fixes their issue or provides to them what they need and ask when you can get started and close.

Topic: Post-sell and referral.

Tip for Episode: Deal with buyers' remorse.

"[Name], you mentioned that you wanted x but then after discussing it you were happy with what I suggested, Are you still ok to proceed?" This will allow the prospect to own their decision and reduce the chances of a cancelled sale, later.

Tip for Episode: How to ask for a referral:

"[Name], next time you talk to a friend, college family member or even a neighbour and they mention they need (product or service), would you feel comfortable introducing us?"

Yes, sure...

"Great, when that happens please take out your phone and text me their name and number, and I will get in touch. Is that ok?"


"Not a problem at all [name], what do I need to do for you to feel comfortable?"

Here's the agenda for our six episodes:

  • Introducing the Sales Process & Training (EP34)
  • Rapport & Trust (EP35)
  • Setting an Agenda (EP36)
  • Discovery Funnel, Needs Analysis & Questioning (EP37)
  • Uncovering a Prospect's Budget & Understanding their Decision Making Process (EP38)
  • Closing the Sale / Getting a Decision / After the Sale (this one!)

Noah offers free online sales training on his website

I worked with Noah at Groupon and he's had experience training and coaching sales consultants across retail, finance, insurance and HR. Regardless of your role, you're going to benefit from the advice he shares.

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If you'd benefit from additional sales training, you can connect with Noah via:

Cohen Training Institute



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