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Welcome to the very first episode of the Escape for Reason podcast. This has been a dream for the longest time and I'm so pleased to finally be releasing it into the world, even though I know it won't be perfect at first. Please do join and stay with me on this journey of escaping the ordinary! I aim to share as I learn as this podcast exists to serve to help you lean into unlocking your true potential purpose and power so that you can create a life that you LOVE and show up to leave your mark of the world! I would be so happy and grateful if you 1) gave this podcast a 5 star rating and review, 2) passed this episode along to your friends and 3) shared and screenshot and biggest takeaway from this episode on your socials! Please feel free to email me via and let's chat more about the content you liked and would like to hear in future! Many thanks and blessings :)

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