s01e23: An Equity Conversation Previewing the Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey


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In this episode, we have an equity conversation in which we preview the Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey. Our guests are Ciji Heiser, Gavin Henning, and Anne Lundquist.

Ciji is Director of Assessment and Effectiveness in the Division of Student Affairs at Western Michigan University. Gavin is Professor and Director of Higher Education Programs at New England College. Anne is Assistant Vice President, Campus Strategy at Anthology.

Listeners are invited to participate in the Equity-Centered Assessment Landscape Survey being discussed during this episode. To take the survey in summer 2021, please access our website, assessmentinstitute.iupui.edu.
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Episode recorded: May 2021. Host: Stephen Hundley. Producers: Chad Beckner, Caleb Keith, and Shirley Yorger. Original music: Caleb Keith. This podcast is a service of the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis; learn more at assessmentinstitute.iupui.edu.

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