Author Spotlight: D.M. Whitaker "The Potty Monster: Potty Training with Courage"


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This episode discusses D.M. Whitaker's essential & encouraging potty training books for tots. This is the perfect book for your little boy or girl to feel empowered while on the potty training journey!

D.M. Whitaker was born in Omaha, Nebraska to a mom and dad that loved reading books to her and her siblings. Thus, her love for reading and sharing those same traditions with her dear sons have been valuable and intricate in their development. Inspired by being a mother and educator, D.M. loves to write children's books and rhymes that will sketch beautiful memories in children's hearts and inspire them to be their best as they learn daily life and social skills that they can use in their homes, classrooms, and communities.

D.M. Whitaker currently resides in Nebraska with her husband Brandon and dear sons, Brandon, II, affectionally known as “Duce” and Elisha. She enjoys being a wife, mother, author, blogger, podcaster, mompreneur, and publisher. Her publishing agency, Water Rocks Publishing, helps women and adolescents all over the world tell their stories in the most creative and authentic ways through self-publishing, education, and coaching services.

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Follow her on Instagram: dmwhitaker_writes and Facebook: Author D.M. Whitaker

D.M.'s books help children to learn daily life and social skills that will empower them with independence, help them foster quality relationships with others, and be their best in their homes, classrooms, and communities. Make sure to check out D.M.'s other books here:

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