Transforming a Hobby into a Habit with ABA


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Have you ever wondered how certain people are able to fit more and more tasks, activities, to-do items into an already jam-packed schedule? Do you think they are just some kind of productivity genius or secretly have superhuman powers?
In this episode, we talk all about how to create a habit that you are able to stick with. We all have hobbies, something we like to do just for ourselves. However, cultivating those hobbies and turning them into something we do regularly and consistently is something else entirely. Most of us think we don't have the time to add a single additional item on our plate of things to do - and perhaps that is true! But for those who are interested in taking their hobby further, keep listening!
Here I make it personal and talk all about how I want to transform my writing hobby into a regular practice, why I haven't been able to up until this point and how I am going to start doing this. Moreover, I tie in plenty of ABA principles as well as scenarios I have experienced in the clinical setting working with individuals with autism, learning difficulties and maladaptive behaviour. Some principles include:

  • Schedules of reinforcement
  • Behaviour momentum
  • Competing contingencies
  • Response effort
  • Accountability partners
  • Goal setting

Is there a habit you are trying to cultivate? Reach out and let us know :)

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