Vehicle to Grid and Post SNL Elon Musk Talk


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Elon Musk had a lot of undeserved backlash after appearing on SNL but our comedy experts set the record straight! A listener studying electrical engineering is gung-ho for vehicle to grid tech so we chat about all things V2G. The tech is ready, are we?

Electric aircraft for commercial flights is moving ahead for a Canadian seaplane fleet. An electric scooter that goes 60mph! Hold on to your skin!

James witnesses the aftermath of a vehicle vs bike accident and James asks is Musk going to far with integrating Dogecoin with SpaceX and Tesla?

Regina, Saskatchewan if famous for it's trees and so too will Montreal as one city tries to save the planet.

EV of the week is the 2022 Chevy Bolt! Tesla range with a much smaller price tag.

And how many amps do you need to run for your home EV charger? And everything else from this week's clean news!

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