63. Saturday Night Live and the Man Who Saved the World


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Elon Musk receives backlash from some SNL cast members and James is worried about the comedy risks in having him as host. Clips from Pete Davidson on Seth Meyers. Brian gets a root canal and it's about as much fun as getting a root canal!

Combustion vehicle ban of the week: New York State eyes 2035. Legislation now in Andrew Cuomo's hands. Ew!

18% of California ev owners went back to gas. We'll explain why that's not a big deal.

Busses that charge on their routes in Brampton, Ontario, vertical wind turbines might be more efficient than current off shore designs, an argument against small modular nuclear in countries like Canada, the EV of the Week is the Nissan LEAF, a dissapointingly-speced EV with no liquid battery pack cooling and slow fast charging.

Tesla will service the Tesla Semi with mobile service techs in this week's breaking news.

Elon Musk on Starlink limitations in cities. 3. Tesla taps another Canadian startup for battery developments...for $3

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