40: Jesus' Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane — From The Garden To The Cross


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Episode Type: Book Discussion Welcome to a special edition of the Share Life podcast. In this episode, we partake in an interactive discussion about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, when darkness enveloped him. This discussion is part of my next book project discovery process, From The Garden to the Cross: Powerful Lessons from Jesus' Harrowing Journey. In this episode, we first discuss the origin of this project. What I found looking across Christianity in the cultural landscape was a deep disconnect between what western Christians embody and what Christ embodied. Not only did I witness this dynamic, but I also saw a lack of interest and willingness to even move towards the suffering of the cross (to die to self and pick up our cross and follow Jesus), as if we Americans have embraced a form of prosperous Christianity that is more secular than Christ-like. This discussion, and the book to eventually follow, is my exploration of this disconnect, and perhaps a guide for us to move back towards the source of life and transformation. From there, I read my harmonization of the story sequence (you can read along in the write-up below) from the different biographical accounts of Jesus' life (Matthew, Mark, Luk, & John) with quotes from the New Living Translation of the Bible. From there, we explore what we can learn about God, humanity, and ourselves from this monumental moment in time. This story of Jesus's journey to the cross to be crucified starts in the garden of Gethsemane, three years after Jesus began his ministry and recruited the disciples to follow him. Fellow Conversation Participants Allison Miller: She is an author who is helping women flourish in life, relationships, and their dreams. Visit her website here. Jim Karwisch: He's leveraging Personal Narratives to help organizations and individuals master their stories and fuel their success. Visit his website here. Todd Miechiels: He helps people know and share their story wholeheartedly through his work with The 3:15 Project and StoryDrive. Visit his website here. Reference & Video Version To read the harmonized account or watch the video version of this discussion, visit this link here. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sharelife/support

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