Isabel Aagaard, Eliminating Single Use Plastic via the Last Object


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Isabel Aagaard tells us how they were inspired to create products that had massive and positive environmental impact via the Last Object. Learn how this group of Millennial Danish designers took their love of creating beautifully designed products into the world of sustainability. Isabel and I discuss the delicate balance of motherhood and entrepreneurship as well as how they ingeniously used Kickstarter to validate their products.

Isabel's mom is the founder of the massively successful global company Troll Beads. We discuss how her mom was a great source of inspiration as well as a guiding light for knowing how to keep relevance with consumers throughout decades not just days! Troll Beads grew with their customer base both in time as well as in geography. Founded in 1976, they are still going strong, although a smaller company, still very successful and beloved around the world.

The Kickstarter campaign that launched them; attracting 30,000 backers for their first product "The Last Swab!" Isabel explains how they used Kickstarter for product feedback and to establish a great community of supporters.

At 30 years old, Isabel is a great example of how all of us can make a difference. They were profitable after year one and continue to develop innovative products that truly have that 10x environmental impact they set out to accomplish. Check out their products and think about gifting them to friends for birthdays and other holiday celebrations!

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