Luzius Meisser- Creating the 1st Crypto Shares in Switzerland


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Luzius Meisser is back on the podcast!

Luzius tells us about his new venture; Swiss based AKTIONARIAT. On February 1st, 12:01 am, AKTIONARIAT became the first firm in Switzerland to tokenize their shares; 100,000 in total!

Those who listened to the podcast back in September 2020 with Luzius, he told us he was helping to write the Swiss legislation that would allow the tokenization of shares for small and medium enterprises. True to his word, they have done it.

The new “Swiss Federal Act on the Adaptation of Federal Law to Developments in Distributed Ledger Technology” allows companies to develop a framework that links financial and real assets ownership to a DLT-based asset token.

Luzius does a great job of explaining the "use cases" for some of these new technologies.

In addition, Luzius and I discuss the Robinhood/Gamestop/Reddit Wall Street Bets Saga that gripped the world last year.

He also kindly explains what has been behind the recent Bitcoin price explosion, what a Dogecoin is and enlightens me on CryptoKitties as well!

Enjoy this episode which is packed full of great advice and crypto enlightenment!

Luzius is a board member at Bitcoin Suisse, Founder of Aktionariat and Meisser Economics in Switzerland.

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