122. Burned Out and Broken, with Michael MacKenzie, author of Don't Blow Up Your Ministry


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Michael MacKenzie, the Executive Director of Marble Retreat and the author of Don’t Blow Up Your Ministry, has been working with pastors in crisis for a long time. In this episode, Michael will help us understand not only the danger signs of an impending ministry blow-up, but also how to heal after we’ve blown up our ministry.

  • Michael MacKenzie is Executive Director of Marble Retreat and the author of Don’t Blow Up Your Ministry.
  • Michael shares what led him to his ministry with Marble Retreat.
  • Michael MacKenzie describes what he means by a “blown up ministry.”
  • Burnout results when the stresses of ministry combine with the pastor’s own brokenness.
  • Potential stressors include: people-pleasing, avoidance of conflict, and so forth.
  • To avoid these pitfalls, pastors should be on the lookout for: resentment, exhaustion, lack of joy, lack of peace, lack of passion.
  • Pride and success can also lead to a blown-up ministry when pastors cross certain unhealthy and inappropriate boundaries.
  • Michael MacKenzie shares why failure can be better for the soul than success.
  • Michael explains the differences between large churches and small churches and how that affects a pastors well-being.
  • Healthy relationships are critical for healthy ministry leadership.
  • One way to build relationships is to pick up a hobby that other people do.
  • Michael MacKenzie reflects on the connection between confession and healing.


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