017 Define Your Money Identity


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Today, we will talk about money identity. First, we will go through a series of questions to determine our Blank Money Canvas. Then, we will analyze and understand Robert Dilts' Logical Levels framework. And finally, we will adapt Dilt's framework into The Money Identity Cascade™, a powerful tool that will shift our reality dramatically.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- The role of our identity in our relationship with wealth

- How to determine our Blank Money Canvas

- What is our embodied archetype, and how to discover it

- Robert Dilts' Logical Levels framework, and its connection with our embodied archetype

- How can we adapt Dilts' framework into our Money Identity Cascade™

This episode requires more than just listening to it; we need to slow down, sit down, and do the work. It asks mind-boggling and game-changing questions with the sole purpose of shaking things up, and pushing us out of our financial comfort zone.


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