045 Using Selling to Scale Your Income with Colin Boyd


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If you have problems selling or feel like you sound salesy or manipulative, this episode is perfect for you. Joining me today is Colin Boyd, an international speaker, podcast host, and business mentor, but most importantly, an authority on influence, persuasion, and communication.

We talk about the secrets of becoming a successful salesperson, multiplying our conversion rate, and reaching financial independence without hurting our integrity. We explore the importance of authenticity in sales, how to profit from our expertise, and why we should treat a sale as a sacred place for transformation.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Colin's journey from establishing himself as a paid speaker to an expert salesman

- Communicating our message in a way that resonates with our audience is all we need to generate sales

- When a sale is about transforming someone's life, it becomes a service

- The Three Levels of Conviction that turn any offer into a successful offer

- The importance of how we show up and how it ultimately affects the outcome of our sales pitch

Before the live presentation that changed his life, Colin had one client in his coaching business who was paying him every other month. Still, Colin was convinced he could significantly impact people's lives with his approach to business and sales.

He believed in what he had to offer, and that was his mindset when he spoke for free in front of 137 people. He left the place with the personal information of 125 people and over ten full-time coaching clients. He established himself as a coach and paid speaker from one successful presentation, but that was just the beginning of his journey.

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