The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard - Episode 15


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Our first guest was Victoria Lyndell, an intuitive magician from waaaay down South. We discussed kitchen witchery, love and empowerment castings, and weather magick. Tori went on to talk about the ways in which her art informs her magick and vice-versa, and the invaluable role that automatic drawing has played in her meditative practice and development as a magician. Tori's obvious love of the subject matter really came through, and you'll find yourself grinning ear to ear from her inspiring energy. She also discussed some projects that she's been working on, including a jacket that doubles as a hypersigil, and a subscription toolbox service for occultists called "The Pandora Initiative". Next, we spoke with Stanley "Nashan" Nunn, priest at Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights, Michigan, just outside Detroit. Stan told the story of the Temple's origin and of the obstacles that had to be overcome, but also of the growing acceptance of Paganism in mainstream America. We discussed Stan's popular Quantum Craft class, specifically about where magick and quantum physics intersect, and how it all relates to the Kybalion. Stan cited the "Water Experiments" of Dr. Masaru Emoto as an inllustration of how one's Will, intent, and state of mind affects the world around us and illustrates how we are ultimately responsible for the reality we create for ourselves. Before the interviews, I talked a little about the "inspirational meme"-generating AI, InspiroBot and how it could be useful for divination. This led to wider musings on the spiritual nature of "true" artificial or synthetic intelligence and the impact on magick and society it could have, should it ever develop. Full show notes and links can be found at The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard Website.

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