Ep# 86- The Funging The Non - Fungible & The Changing Face Of Protests- This Month On TFS


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Welcome back to The Familiar Strange! We’re joined this week by our newest Familiar Stranger, Kathryn! You might have heard her on Episode 84 last season but we’ve convinced her to stick around! Welcome Kathryn. We start this month’s episode by discussing the recent protests that have been occurring in Australia’s capital. Kathryn and the rest of the strangers dive into their experiences with protesting and how we are seeing a shift in the motives and types of people that are starting to participate. What do you guys think? Have you been to any protests recently? We then jump on the NFT bandwagon, with Alex giving us a crash course into what an NFT is, how it works and why they exist. Carolyn, as a photographer and image maker has some interesting things to say on the topics of creation, scarcity and clout. What do you guys think about NFT’s? Revolutionary new way to sell art or just another ponzi scheme? Head over to our website for a full list of links and citations!

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