Ep #93: Waterworlds, Witchcraft and Chaos: This Month on TFS


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We’re back! We’re back from our Semester break and keen to get back into creating the content you know and love. This week, we’re joined by Dr Sean Heath! The newest Familiar Stranger. In the first part of this panel, we dive into Sean’s work with competitive swimmers in Canada and the United Kingdom. We dive into what immersion is, and how it interplays with our lives today. It was really interesting to hear about how swimmers interact with their body-sense and their fondness for chlorinated water. Next, Ruonan draws attention to the current political instability around the world, paying particular attention to the conflict in Ukraine, the resignation of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and President and the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. She asks questions of the utility of anthropology in such chaotic times, as well as some of the basis for these crises. It was an enlightening conversation and we hope you enjoy. We’re so happy to be back so keep your ears peeled for some exciting content coming up.

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