ZE 020: The Mind and The No-Mind (Enhanced Podcast)


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“A Dialogue on the Contemplation-Extinguished” is one of the core Zen text. Episode 20 examines a teaching in this profound early Zen text: “To have thoughts is to have mind. To have mind contradicts the Way. To have No-Thoughts is to have No-Mind. No-Mind is the true Way.” To have mind is to possess an egohood and arising subjective thoughts, rooted in deluded awareness of the discriminating mind. Having mind, we make egocentric choices and initiate actions that thrust us toward karmic entanglements. Having mind, we are unable to remain at Inner Peace and we entrap ourselves within realm of Samara. To have No-Mind is to dissolve the illusions of the self and live with the universal altruism and negate the cycle of karmic creation and perpetuation. As we live with the Original No-Mind, we experience the present with our full awareness. We harmonize with our immediate surrounding and live in the life stream, yet be unswayed and unaffected by its flow. Living with the No-Mind, we live within the Timeless Inner Peace, in the here and now.

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