Through the Looking Glass of PTSD: Healing Body, Mind & Spirit Like Alice in Wonderland (Bren Comacchio)


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Through the Looking Glass of PTSD: Healing Body, Mind & Spirit Like Alice In Wonderland
Our Guest:
Bren Comacchio
Our Hosts:
Tim Grutzius @holisticff
David Ortiz @balancedsoldier
Our Announcer:
Christopher Anderson @CosmicLifeOfMe
In this podcast:
I want to take you down the rabbit hole to see things you may not have seen before or to get a new perspective on how you see yourself and your healing journey.
PTSD requires healing on so many different levels, but to keep it as simple as possible, I want to chunk them up to these 3:
•Looking at the physical body through a different perspective. Messages from the body.
•Looking at the relationship between the unconscious mind & the body
•Looking at how the unconscious & conscious mind work in relation to healing AND
•How you may be sabotaging yourself without realizing it
•Your beliefs (no, not religion)
•Moral injuries
•Loss of Faith (again, not necessarily from a religious perspective)
These are big topics and certainly cannot be covered fully in the short time we have. However, my goal is to have you take a new look and gain a different perspective on your healing which ultimately may lead you to see more ways to heal.
I hope you’ll listen in and then join us on #PTSDChat on October 20th, when we can chat about the Body, Mind & Spirit aspects of PTSD.
This is a companion podcast to the Wednesday, October 20, 2021 #PTSDchat held on Twitter at 9 p.m. Eastern
Music is “Hard Fought Victory” from Purple Planet Music
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