Healing your Nervous System and Reclaiming your Power ⚡️ with Kari Azuma


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Fam my inner child was SO excited recording this conversation, today’s guest is literally like a rockstar to me. The work she does, the way she explains these concepts and her incredible empathy are all so inspiring.

My question to you before you start listening - Do you feel like you’re constantly trying and striving and that doing MORE will be the thing that unlocks the fulfillment you yearn for 🤔?

This podcast today is here to challenge you on that and we’re going to be talking all about your nervous system with the beautiful Kari Azuma.

Kari refers to herself as an intuitive nervous system surgeon so there is literally no better hands you could be in for this conversation.

Kari is a certified coach from the Newfield Network Institute and has coached executives and board members of influential companies, entrepreneurs, mothers, coaches, and leaders in the health and wellness sectors. In her work now she now supports ALL women in excavating layers of safety patterns through a combination of deep intuitive work with sub-conscious, somatic practices, and traditional ontological coaching.

Her mission is to support true feminine leadership by helping women build massive safety in their bodies in order to courageously live their values.

Kari is such a wealth of magic and wisdom and I can not wait to hear what you think about this episode.

We dive deep into:

👉 What your nervous system actually does and WHY this work is important.

👉 Understanding the future impact of living in your pattern of ‘GO GO GO’ and hustle

👉 How you can reclaim your power when you are in uncomfortable scenarios (like seeing your ex-boyfriend walking down the street with a new girl 😬)

… and so much more

You can find Kari Azuma on Instagram - @kariazuma

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