Clary Sage essential oil & I am Reigniting My Creativity … I am Happy When de-Cluttering my Junk Drawers


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Week 11 Day 4 - Today's affirmation is "I am Reigniting My Creativity . . . I am Happy When Decluttering my Junk Drawers."
Today we chat about figuring our our organizational style and using our creativity to declutter. We talk in depth about the emotional benefits of Clary Sage essential oil and how it can boost the clarity of our perception. We'll chat about how it can help us physically on a episode soon.
The song I'm connecting with about creativity is "Inch by Inch, Row by Row" by Peter Paul and Mary. This week, to support our peaceful growth journey, we are diffusing diffusing 2 drops each of Patchouli (The Oil of Physicality), Sandalwood (The Oil of Sacred Devotion) and Clary Sage (The Oil of Clarity and Vision).
As always if you want to get the oils, talk to your favorite doTERRA essential oil friend or you can order from me by clicking the link here:
If you have questions or comments, feel free to email us at

The song used in the intro and outro is Be Inspired by Keys of Moon via Creative Commons License. Go to to hear the full song.

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