How Chiropractors Are Attracting An Extra 8 - 12 New Patients From Instagram, With Dr Matt Loop


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With over 800 MILLION users, Instagram has become an insanely powerful outreach medium for chiropractors. In fact, many Facebook users are ditching that network and flocking to Instagram in droves. This should make you very curious. If you've ever wondered how the world's busiest chiropractic offices are tapping into this photo sharing powerhouse, you need to be on this coming LIVE video Master Talk with Dr Mike Reid & Dr. Matthew Loop! Social networks are changing fast. It's important to evolve with them so you don't get left behind. On This Video Master Talk, Dr. Matt Loop will share: Why Instagram has amassed a monthly user base of 800 MILLION people and how you, as a chiropractor, can get in on the gold rush. One of my clients out of Florida attracted 27 new patients last month just from this one photo sharing network! The most COMMON pitfalls chiropractors run into when using this new patient attraction platform. If you're not careful these mistakes can hurt your brand and make you look like an amateur. The secret to getting an extra 2,500 local Instagram followers in the next three weeks or less. My top clients use these strategies to BANK. Why people are leaving Facebook in droves and flocking to Instagram. You're not going to believe what's happening. How to tilt Instagram's rules in your favor so you have an unfair competitive advantage going into the New Year. Hardly any chiropractors are tapping into the true power and reach of this network. How to use HASHTAGS the right way to get qualified traffic and fast exposure! Many docs do this completely wrong. Learn More About UCAM:

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