Healing Trauma to Transform Your Body Image with Em Fawcett


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Fam, this conversation was SO transformative and I can not wait to share it with you.

I’ll start by asking you this: Have you ever thought about where your relationship with body image, food and even dieting, stems from?

If not, right NOW is the time to take a minute to reflect on where your behaviors, thoughts and patterns around body image and food might have come from.

As you listen to this weeks’ conversation with the incredible Em Fawcett, you’ll hear about how our childhood traumas can have a HUGE impact on the way we relate to our bodies, our health and fitness journeys and of course our relationships with food and dieting.

Em is a clinical nutritionist, woman’s coach & WBFF bikini pro. She educates women on how to change habits and create a lifestyle with food freedom and body confidence.

Strap yourself in for this deep and intimate journey!

In this episode we uncover:

🔥 How our parents patterns and behaviors around food and body image can shape our own
🔥 Techniques Em uses to help her clients to redefine their relationships with food and body image

🔥 How to ask yourself to understand deeply where your own beliefs around your body image come from and how you can change them

🔥 Why entering a competition was the thing that triggered but also healed my body image

…and so much more

Check out Elite Coaching by Em: https://www.elitecoachingbyem.com/

And follow Em Fawcett on Instagram here: @elitecoachingbyem

21 Day Gratitude Meditation: https://youtu.be/xfD4HaBBc0I

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