Something I Can Do: Overcoming PTSD & Trauma With Aromatherapy


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Hello and welcome to Something I Can Do: Overcoming PTSD & Trauma With Aromatherapy. I‘m your host Amanda May-Fitzgerald, RA Aromatherapy Consultant and proprietor of Wild At Heart Botanicals…Bringing Nature Home! In these unprecedented times, we all desire to make a difference with the division and violence, climate change, and sustainable energy issues. We all know the time for planning has passed. It‘s time for action. But it is difficult for our voices to be heard. I am a trauma survivor with PTSD, and my flight, fight, or phrase response is triggered in almost every waking moment. I am learning to overcome my triggers by facing my traumas and putting them in their rightful place. I know many others who are doing the same. We can make a difference in our lives and the world. I am a professional aromatherapist, and through my work, and I have found good purpose and the tools needed to help myself and others. This podcast will shed light on the effects of trauma with what my guests and I are doing to overcome our traumas while helping others in the process. Please join us on this journey as we find others using their voice to help trauma survivors too.

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