049 Messaging is the Key to More Income with Brandon Lucero


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If you are struggling to get your content seen, or to make your audience go through all of it, or to make enough sales with it, this episode is perfect for you.

Joining me today is Brandon Lucero, an online marketing expert, serial entrepreneur, father of three, and host of the New Generation Entrepreneur Podcast. We had a fantastic conversation about one of Brandon's specialties, messaging. We delve into the communication problems most online entrepreneurs have, how to differentiate ourselves in the stacked online market, and the importance of being specific when putting our message out there.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- How Brandon became a YouTube expert and why he buried that business even though he was making $500k a year

- Why being specific and talking to a small audience is way more effective than being louder and communicating with zillions of people

- The power of describing specific pains and mistakes to our audience

- Why telling people to stop doing something they think is good for their business can be more valuable than teaching them something new

Having the experience and the knowledge won't guarantee us we'll get heard, seen, or followed. But showcasing our mastery through specific examples, making a statement, and backing it up with counterexamples will. The moment an audience gets in touch with a message that describes their struggles, pains and mistakes, they assume the person behind that message went through what they are going through, and therefore has a solution.


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