How Adam raised $250k for shelters and why he'd do it all differently if he could turn back the clock.


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How would you feel if you could say you’ve raised $250k for charity through pet photography and that those sessions were booked 6 months in advance?

This is the reality for today’s guest who prior to Covid worked with Shelters all over the country but despite being proud of the fundraising efforts, he wishes he did it all differently!

Key discussion points:

  • How Adam went from a marketing role at an animal shelter to professional pet photography
  • What shelters really think when they receive your collaboration proposal
  • What Adam’s packages looked like and how they evolved
  • How and when he fit 300 dog photoshoots into a month!

Members-only extended episode:

  • Facebook Ads
  • The marketing strategy that’s working now for Adam
  • The current pricing model and insights into one of these mythical $10k sales
  • PLUS: Adam’s biggest piece of advice for those of you who are just starting out

p.s. If what Adam says about In Person Sales sparks you interest, definitely check out our Fly on the Wall video. It’s a recording of a real sales session I had with a client to take them from a $1500 digital only package to a $5k sale:


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