014 | Tara Mackey: Cured by Nature


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On over a dozen prescription drugs, Tara Mackey, author of Cured by Nature, decided to heal herself from the inside out with natural herbs, meditation, and a new way of thinking. In this session, you'll find out:

* How Tara went from needing detox at birth, to being raised by her grandparents, to literally kicking her mother out of the house and into rehab at eleven years old. * Why we need to be careful about what we say, and who we say it around ... even if we think nobody is listening. * The big problem with child psychiatry that got Tara put on lithium at only 13 years old! * How to turn your limiting beliefs into empowering ones, and start creating your own reality. * Why you must “always stand guard at the door of your own mind.” * Easy tips and remedies that will help you out of the pharmacy and closer to nature. * The one person—and only person—you can count on right now to take care of your future self. Learn more about Tara at www.theorganiclifeblog.com

Hosted by Sean Croxton

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