Resilience And Internal Satisfaction With Katy Dolle


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In today’s changing world, life gives us a dose of challenges and tough situations. With that, it’s important to learn how to build up your resilience and experience internal satisfaction. Jason Wrobel and Whitney Lauritsen sit down for a conversation with Katy Dolle about techniques to achieve that. Katy is an actress, filmmaker, and podcaster whose ultimate passion is creating art that makes a difference in people’s lives. They delve into self-authenticity and their respective definitions of it. Perception of our work as creatives can be radically different from how the public, friends, or family perceive us. It isn’t easy because you have a filter on what you think you're creating, but then people have a different interpretation. In this episode, Katy explains internal satisfaction with our work, independent of other people's opinions. She shares both personal and professional experiences and the impacts of all those on her mental health. Coping and healing from life’s traumatic experiences, Katy faces every disappointment and obstacle through her journey. Find inspiration from this conversation.

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