56) Inside the Supplement Industry and prioritising Performance over Aesthetics with Tom Seed


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Today's conversation is with Tom Seed, Head of Sales at Lifesource Supps, Owner of Stealth Nutrition, and Online Content Creator.

We lift the lid on the white labelling supplement industry, understand how brands produce and manufacture their supplements, and the growth of the industry.

In our chat, Tom tells us about his career and experience that enabled him to return and add value to the family business. We also delve into the process of creating content alongside a busy career, which resonated a lot with my own experience!

Lastly, we explore Tom's bodybuilding prep going from 160 pounds to 139 pounds before taking first in the 2019 UKUP Fitness Model Category. After this, Tom took the now familiar journey towards a more functional style of fitness and made the move to CrossFit. We discuss the benefits of this, the biggest challenges, and the key lessons.

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Stealth - https://www.stealth-nutrition.com/

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