We need to “Pay” with Attention


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In this episode we will examine the idea that we literally “pay” to things with our focus, with our listening, and with our attention. This attention and our sense of focus is vied for with millions to billions of dollars as our time and attention is SO precious and valuable.

We look at the hard truth of the fact that if we are REALLY honest we don’t “pay” attention or listen to the people we love the most to deserve their love and attention. We look at how we need to have a much better sense of value for our own time, attention, focus, and listening. Our devaluing of our attention is costing us those who care about us the most.

Lastly we look at the idea of “bids” for connection. Bid for us to Pay Attention with the opportunity of connection.

Because if we could REALLY listen – and really care for the person in front of us – what issue is not immediately solvable with that level of attention “paid”? Thanks for your time and attention.

If you want to let me know what stuck out for you email me at inclusiveactivism@cox.net and learn more about me and this important work at www.inclusiveactivism.com

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