The Ultimate Ozone Show: The Miracle Molecule for Radical Health & Energy w/ Ian Mitchell #350


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I’ve been fortunate enough to interview some brilliant humans on this show. Still, I must take my hat off to this week’s guest, (mad) scientist and researcher, Ian Mitchell, for constantly pushing the boundaries of quantum physics and science.

He’s always cooking up meaningful magic in his lab, and today he’s here with his latest ground-breaking invention: quantum-charged, ozonated oil in a capsule. Up until now, dabbling with ozone was a sticky, smelly, and somewhat invasive way to optimize your energy levels on a cellular level, thus, we’re staying in the realms of “extreme” biohacking territory.

Now he’s captured nature’s disinfectant in a bottle; everyone can reap the ample health benefits of this incredible, ozonated oil. We discuss how and why he started working with ozone, and the magnitude of scientifically-proven health benefits that ozone has in supporting your body. It assists it on a cellular level and accelerates your mitochondria supply.

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10:14 —What He’s Working on Right Now

48:09 —Why He Started Working with Ozone

  • How he perfected his ozone formula
  • The perceived extreme side of biohacking
  • How ozone is created
  • Making ozonated oil and the side effects
  • Topical ozone products. Verdict: smelly but effective
  • How ozone kills bacteria and viruses

1:19:50 — Ozone Effects on the Body

  • The way to use ozone treatment
  • Ozone, senescent cells, and mitochondria
  • My ozone generator
  • Can ozone heal leaky gut issues?
  • Using ozone on acne and eczema

1:34:36 — The Science Behind Biocharged Resistor

  • Why Ian chose sunflower oil over olive oil
  • Using a binder with ozone to detoxify
  • How to incorporate Biocharged Resistor into your biohacker routine
  • Ozone cleaning in Morozko Forge ice baths
  • Questioning the moon landing

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