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Have you ever hit rock bottom? It’s the last place anyone would want to find themselves in but it turns out that hitting rock bottom is a critically important part of any successful life. Take it from me and my guest this week: Dustin Lien. These days, Dustin enjoys the good life as the founder of JumpX Marketing and However, his journey hasn’t been an easy one. He’s had to rise from multiple failures that put him in very grave situations before he could enjoy the success he enjoys now.

For this week’s episode, Dustin takes us back to those times and shares with us the lessons he learned on his way back up. He also goes on to talk about the brilliant way he scaled his business and managed to niche down so swiftly. Then, Dustin also goes into detail about how biohacking and weightlifting can help you maintain a healthy mind and body. This week’s episode offers tons of valuable takeaways for anyone - whether you’re a greenhorn in the e-commerce business space, a fitness enthusiast, or even someone who’s achieved considerable success in their own e-commerce business.


[5:28]How to identify your risk tolerance

[11:00]Why you shouldn’t fall back on your contingency plan at the first sign of trouble

[19:29]How to calculate your doomsday

[21:27]The beginning of JumpX Marketing

[31:29]The values of a valuable hire, according to Dustin Lien

[35:50]Dustin talks about biohacking, nootropics, and weightlifting
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