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At what age did you start working towards being financially independent? Most people don’t start considering this until they’ve crossed over to the other 20s - but not my guest this week! This week, we’re joined by Noah Brewer, who’s widely regarded as a kid genius in the e-commerce industry. Noah went from being a broke 16-year-old dropout to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce space with his incredible e-commerce empire that he built in just four years. His success story is unlike any rags to riches story you’ve heard before!

For the third and final installment of The Nomadic Executive’s E-Commerce Mini Series, Noah and I got together and talked about the extraordinary and downright unusual experiences he’s had since he embarked on his remarkable journey. In this episode, Noah shares how he went from being a door to door salesman to becoming a wildly successful e-commerce entrepreneur earning six figures a month with his two e-commerce businesses. He also shares how he effectively handles his large remote staff with minimal effort. Noah Brewer is a guy whose story, hustle, and mindset will blow your mind.


[24:55]What drives Noah to hustle

[27:30]Why Noah dropped out of school

[37:49]Noah on his plans for the future

[39:44]Business strategies from a kid genius

[41:40]Noah on starting and managing a team for your business

[44:00]How to handle your remote staff

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