S11E02 | 10 Things I Learned as a Pregnant Photographer


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This episode is a bit of a niche topic, but when I became pregnant, I discovered that there was really very little content out there about how to handle pregnancy and maternity leave when you are a fulltime solopreneur/photographer.

To be honest, I felt a bit lost - when should I finish up shoots? How do I handle clients? When do I need to start back again? In the hopes that it will make someone (you?) feel less lost in the future, here’s ten things that I learned as a pregnant photographer.


#1 Reduce your workload
#2 Set client deadlines
#3 Buy yourself a belly band
#4 Allow extra session time
#5 Update your database
#6 Outsource
#7 Automate your social media
#8 Create a maternity leave waitlist
#9 Pause your inbox
#10 Plan your comeback

Check out this week’s blogpost and podcast episode for more details on each of these ten lessons.

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