Understand your community in order to market successfully, create product desire and book often with Prathima Pingali


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As pet photographers we are always looking for ways to give our clients a reason to stop saying “I’ll book that shoot.. One day”.. And instead, book now. Indian pet photographer, Prathima of Pawparazzi Pet Photography looked deep into the values of her culture to find a way to do just that - and it’s something that’s right in front of us and can easily be introduced around the world.

And if you’re not yet a member, you’re certainly going to want to join to hear the members-only extended episode of this interview. We chatted about making gift certificates profitable, creating desire for wall art, and what to offer if that doesn’t work! PLUS we chatted all about offering shoots outside of your local area, and how you can incentivise your clients to do the marketing for you in a way that’s simpler than you might think!


  • The difference between pet parents and pet owners
  • When the focus is on an occasion
  • Understanding culture in order to market
  • Best lead sources
  • Base package inclusions

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