Episode 7: C-PTSD and Shame - A Heavy Load to Bear


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The decision to talk about shame today came about as a result of being called out by a social work friend. She was absolutely right, I had fucked up. Fortunately it was easy to fix. All I needed to do is delete some footage and edit a couple of paragraphs out of the transcript. Piece of cake, right?
Not so easy when you have PTSD or C-PTSD. In my family, mistakes were dangerous and I tried really, really hard not to make mistakes. Which was impossible, of course. In today's episode I talk about my family and the roles we were all forced to to play in order to survive.
Shame played an integral role in my parent's lives and it played an integral role in my and my brother's lives. I talk about the impact of shame on development and how shame is an incredibly power tool to manipulate and control people.
Here are a few

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