020: Blissful Living, Ayurveda Style with Rochele Lawson, Holistic Health & Wellness Expert


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Today’s guest, Rochele Lawson, is a health and wellness superstar. She’s the host of the Blissful Living radio show and leads the way in helping people maximize their lives and health through her business http://www.healthhealingwellness.com/ . Her desire is to educate and support those interested in improving or managing their health and well-being in a holistic manner, through Ayurveda. In today’s conversation Maribel asks Rochelle to share her journey toward becoming an entrepreneur, to explain her business model and approach to making money and helping her clients with their health, and the things that have made her successful as a Superwoman entrepreneur. You’ll enjoy hearing Rochelle’s story and tips, so be sure to listen!

All of us have “blessings in disguise” that we experience… one of Rochele Lawson’s happened in a very promising project…

Rochele’s first business was in the telecommunications industry and she experienced a wonderful opportunity with a huge project that her company was awarded, but they weren’t prepared for the load it would be. They hadn’t added to their manpower or set up the proper systems to enable them to handle the project. They didn’t have the cashflow to meet the payroll demands. She learned through that challenge that she could tweak the company’s systems to make them more efficient, communicate with existing clients to manage the cash flow issues better, and adjust other things to make things work temporarily. It’s an example of how rather than giving in to panic you can adjust things to help you move forward in spite of overwhelming challenges. Hear the story and the specifics of how she handled it, on this episode.

The Power Move that has increased her revenue incredibly.

Rochele Lawson has many streams of income that feed her health and wellness business. Products, courses, coaching, consultations - all of those are important ways she offers help to clients. But the one thing she has done that has made the biggest difference to her bottom line is to host retreats. These events are typically higher priced services that require much more planning and organization but also generate more income more quickly to create cash flow and possibilities for the business. Listen to this episode to hear how Rochele has put those things into practice and how they might look in your business model.

Super tips for health and wellness for the busy woman entrepreneur.

It’s Rochele Lawson’s area of specialty to coach people in maximizing their health and life wellness. In this episode she shares some simple but powerful ways to keep yourself well. Among them are the simplicity of washing your hands with plain soap and water, getting out into nature for at least 5 minutes every day, forcing yourself to smile (and the physical impact it has on you), and a handful of other quick tips that can set you up for success in your day no matter what’s going on in your world. You’ll want to hear these practical ways to increase your vitality, so don’t miss these “moments of ecstasy” tips.

Would you like to get a free stress assessment?

The impacts of stress are an unseen force that effect all of us, even those of us who feel that we don’t get stressed very much. How do you know just how much of an impact stress is having on you, physically, emotionally, and mentally? Today’s guest on New SuperWoman Entrepreneurs, Rochele Lawson, has a free gift for you - her Stress Assessment Magic program. You can learn what to expect from the program, about the other free gifts that come with it, and how to access it on this edition of the show, so be sure you listen all the way to the end to get your free stress assessment.

Outline of this great episode!
  • Maribel’s introduction of Rochele Lawson.
  • Rochele’s mission in life and the roles she fills.
  • What most influenced Rochele to be an entrepreneur.
  • A “blessing in disguise” event in Rochele’s life.
  • A business model that works on a deeper level and for more clients.
  • What are the “power moves” Rochele has implemented to move her business forward the most.
  • Tips for women entrepreneurs to feel better and live more fully.
  • What Rochele does to leverage her time and productivity.
  • What tools has Rochele used to increase her life?
  • The best advice Rochele has ever received.
  • The people who inspire Rochele day to day.
  • A powerful book Rochele recommends.
  • Rochele’s personal mantra: a quote she lives by.
  • Where to find out more about Rochele and how to get her FREE GIFT.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rochelle’s blog: www.ayurvedahealing.org

Rochelle’s radio show: Blissful Living

Sleeptime app

BOOK: The Law of Success

www.StressAssessmentMagic.com - Get Rochele’s FREE GIFT!

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