022: Get Your Personal Fitness And Business Health On Track, With Kimberly Doenhert


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Kimberly Doehnert is many things: author, figure competition pro, personal trainer, and coach. She loves helping people just like you get amazing results when it comes to their fitness goals. In Maribel’s words Kimberly is part teacher, part coach, and part loving kick in the butt. She helps people in all walks of life achieve whatever health and fitness goals they put their minds to, having fun all along the way. In today’s episode you’re not only going to hear about how Kimberly helps those wanting to get their fitness goals moving in the right direction, but also how she established and runs her business to levels of incredible success. There are a lot of great tips to glean from this conversation so don’t miss out!

How a self proclaimed “fat chick” became Washington, D.C.’s Toughest Trainer.

For Kimberly Doenhert, struggles with weight and a lack of vitality was a common experience. She was stationed overseas as a military spouse with 2 small children. She felt isolated, alone, and depressed. Because of that she resorted to overeating and ended up 50 pounds overweight. The weight gain motivated her to connect with a fitness professional who helped her establish a good plan for her health and fitness. The transformation was remarkable and her gratitude turned into her own motivation to give people the same gift – helping them get into the best shape no matter what their situation. As you’ll hear on this interview, Kimberly knows her stuff and is committed to helping people everywhere take the steps they’ve always wanted but have been unable to take. Listen to this episode: you’ll be glad you did!

There are more people online than will ever come to your door.

Not only that, when you are location dependent you can only service a finite number of clients at a time. The realization of those truths are what motivated Kimberly Doenhert to take her personal training practice online. Her first step was an ebook which became popular right away. Her next steps were to create classes, courses, and other online resources that teach people the principles of getting in shape and staying in shape that she’d seen be so successful in her one on one coaching. Her business has multiplied simply because it’s able to reach more people than if she had stayed location dependent. Hear Kimberly’s enthusiastic explanation of these concepts on this episode of the New Superwomen Entrepreneur.

A 3 step process Kimberly learned from the military that enables her to get fast results from her clients.

Kimberly Doenhert has been both a military spouse and an active duty member of the U.S. armed forces. She’s very familiar with the military way of life. One thing that she learned from being associated with the armed services is that things are accomplished most effectively when they are task and systems based. She’s now taken that philosophy into her personal training and coaching business and is able to help her clients and those who use her courses, get results they are hoping for in a fraction of the time. What are the 3 steps she focuses on to accomplish something this amazing? You’ll have to listen to this episode to get the details!

Carving out space for yourself is foundational to success in every area of life.

Think about that statement deeply and you’ll begin to see the wisdom of keeping yourself healthy. If you are not well it won’t matter how much you need to get done to make your business prosper, you simply won’t be able to do it. Personal health and fitness is foundational to running a business that is able to thrive. Of course, many people plod along in a “medium” state of health, not realizing that their lack of attention to their health is having compounding effects, and the more they neglect their health the likelihood that they will have a cataclysmic health crisis grows. Today’s guest, Kimberly Doenhert is a world-class businesswoman and personal trainer. She has just what you need to get your health on track and keep it on track. You won’t want to miss what she’s got to share.

Outline of this great episode!
  • Maribel’s introduction of Kimberly Doenhert, personal trainer and nutrition coach.
  • Kimberly’s mission began trying to get herself in shape but was moved by a fitness professional who helped her transform herself.
  • A blessing in disguise moment in Kimberly’s life and how it changed the way she looks at life and business.
  • The business model and structure Kimberly employs to make her income strategies work and give her lifestyle freedom at the same time.
  • The power of attracting an audience to what you have to offer - and how Kimberly began using social media to do that.
  • Tips for women who want and need to build a healthier lifestyle and prosperous business.
  • Carving out space for yourself as a foundational practice to success in every area
  • A 3 step secret for coaches to get results in their clients in a short period of time.
  • A typical day for Kimberly and how she manages it well.
  • Snacks and meals Kimberly eats throughout the day.
  • A technology tool Kimberly uses and recommends to her clients.
  • What’s the best advice Kimberly has ever received.
  • Who inspires you, Kimberly?
  • A book recommendation.
  • A personal mantra Kimberly lives by.
  • How you can find out more about Kimberly and receive a free gift from her.
Resources mentioned in this episode

Kimberly’s website: http://kimberlydoehnert.com/

Kimberly’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UkL5GrGvE_IUCiBB9Q48g

My Fitness Pal (online, free resource)

BOOK: Who Moved My Cheese?

Kimberly’s free workout: http://kimberlydoehnert.com/5-free-workouts

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